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Booking and Cancellation Rules

Before you make your booking, here are a few things you should know!

There are seven bedrooms in our lodge. All rooms are booked whole (except Room 1 where inidividual beds can be booked) and require a minimum guest party size as specified in each room (room 2 & 4 - 4 beds, rooms 3, 5, 6 & 7 - 2 beds) All bookings are paid by individual bed-night.

Booking either of ensuite rooms 3 and 4 carries a premium.

Room 1 is booked by bed. Choose this rooms if you are visiting solo, if the eventual size of your party cannot be determined in advance, or you want members of your party to book and pay individually.

Doonas and pillows are provided for you. Please bring your own sheets (2), pillowcases. Please bring your own towels.

Benmore is a club lodge with shared facilities.  Prepare your own meals in the communal kitchen—fridge and pantry space is allocated per room for storing food.  You are expected to clean up after yourself in the kitchen and eating area, and to do the tasks listed on your bedroom door. (eg  vacuum cleaner or other task at the end of your stay).

Our Booking Officer is a volunteer. You can make his life infinitely easier if you book and pay by direct credit (EFT) or credit card. We've just installed a brand-new online booking and payment system. We've tried to make it simple for you to make a booking.

When using the booking system, note that all dates refer to nights stayed at Benmore. Unlike a calendar, the weekend nights shown on the booking grid are Friday and Saturday.  Midweek nights are Sunday to Thursday, which are offered at a discounted rate. Also remember that low season rates are cheaper.

Each booking is for a particular number of beds over a continuous number of days. If you have party members coming or going during your whole stay, then you will need to make separate bookings for each of those intermediate periods, to avoid paying for unused beds.

Snow Guarantee – see the Benmore website for details

If you need to change your booking details, or have any questions or suggestions about booking accommodation at, please email the Booking Officer.